Turner Engineering

Commercial Works

Proud to have delivered on large scale commercial works for over 30 years. Projects have been commissioned throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.

We have worked with contractors on Large Scale projects. We have in the past delivered Staircases, Balustrade and a variety of other products; delivering to a high specification and working to strict deadlines, we have the experience necessary to work on the most demanding of programs. From public building works within Belfast City Centre, to railing systems throughout the UK and bespoke stair wells and cases in Paris, Turner Engineering have the expertise for delivering projects direct or via main contractor.

Paris, France

Bespoke Staircase

Turner Engineering were commissioned to build and install a large bespoke staircase in Paris, France.

“Turner Engineering were delighted when we secured this commission, it is always a pleasure to get engaged into a large engineering project. A project such at this provides quite a large challenge in many ways, not just the building to strict tolerances, but then the logistics to physically get the product from Hillsborough to Paris. Once onsite the detailed installation procedure is down to military precision. Although challenging it’s very satisfactory to stand back and view the completed project, and know that client can trust us, Turner Engineering to deliver on a project of this size.”

Jim Turner – MD

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast City Hall

External Balustrades located at various outdoor locations around steps and the cenotaph located in the City Hall's Grounds.

“Turner Engineering were commissioned to replace external balustrades throughout the grounds of Belfast City Hall. This project included replacing railings in the grounds, surrounds close to the Cenotaph. Stainless steel railings and handrails were used with architectural glass panels, to be sympathetic to the surroundings and current style presented when we began the install. Turner Engineering were proud with the finished project and the image that it portrays.”

Ashley Turner – Project Engineer